moments agoWheat Ridge, CO+5 milesItems Wanted
Looking for plywood or board to extend my little girl's desk.
20-Jan-2019Arvada, CO+4 milesItems Wanted
We are posting this request for a friend, she has cancer and is undergoing treatment. Because the treatment takes so much out of her she is looking for a walker tha has a seat so she can walk and rest. We are also looking for a wheelchair for her also
20-Jan-2019Denver, CO+7 milesItems Wanted
We are posting this request for a friend who has cancer that afer having treatment is completely wiped out. She would like to have a walker with the seat and a wheelchair.
19-Jan-2019Boulder, CO+20 milesItems Wanted
I need to make a spice rack and before I go out and bought brand new boards I thought I'd check to see if anyone has some scraps I could pick up. Need 1x3, but any length down to about 18" would be okay if there's a few of them -- even 12" would work if you have 12 or more scraps because I could make several little sets of shelves and hang them in a pattern. If you've been hanging on to a bunch...
19-Jan-2019Brighton, CO+18 milesItems Wanted
I am after a wooden desk with drawers for my daughters bedroom. Please contact me on 07710853677 if you're getting rid of one. Thanks
19-Jan-2019Commerce City, CO+7 milesItems Wanted
In need of help with a washer. Mine broke and I have 3 boys my husband is currently a stay at home dad he was in a bad car accident back in june.and I'm the only one working at the moment and I cannot afford a new one. Anything helps thank you and God bless.
19-Jan-2019Boulder, CO+20 milesItems Wanted
needing succulent plants, various green shades, even some reddish tint leaves would be welcome.
19-Jan-2019Arvada, CO+4 milesItems Wanted
Our school is doing a production of Little Shop of Horrors that opens Jan 25th, I'd really like to put our Seymour in a pair of converse, ideally the classic all stars but any color would do, in a 9.5 to 11. Thank you!
19-Jan-2019Arvada, CO+4 milesItems Wanted
I need to film myself and I was hoping someone had one they weren't using.
18-Jan-2019Aurora, CO+15 milesItems Wanted
If you have any (not too) old paint samples or containers of paint, I will gladly take them off your hands. Im looking for as manny different colors as possible. I have a few projects that I have been working on (restoring an old doll house for my daughters birthday and a small wall cabinet) and have run drastically low on supplies. Anything that you may have laying around and dont need any mor...
17-Jan-2019Boulder, CO+20 milesItems Wanted
I m searching for a guitar I could use during my time here in Boulder. I m an international student at CU and will return to my home country in May. I d love to play some guitar until then but unfortunately it doesn t really make sense to buy one for such a short time period and couldn t bring mine on the plane.
I am looking for clippings of/or whole houseplants. My (Phil)odendron is rather lonesome. If anyone is willing to share that would be so nice. I d love a spiderplant, peace lily, jade, Chinese evergreen or anything. Please and thank you in advance. I can pick up of course.
17-Jan-2019Denver, CO+7 milesItems Wanted
I am in need of an older desktop computer so that I can search for work and apply for jobs. I'd like to increase my job skills by using the free online training tutorials that are available. I am low-income and looking for work. Thank you.
17-Jan-2019Denver, CO+7 milesItems Wanted
Looking for house plants to make our home feel more welcoming. Not picky. Would appreciate anything. ;-)